Whether you are in need of an estate planning attorney for a routine will or something more complex involving, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, LLCs, and beyond, our services are as unique as your circumstances. A common misconception is that estate planning is all about where assets go when you are gone. While that is an important consideration, there are a number of decisions related to your financial and medical care while you are living in any estate plan. A Charleston, SC wills and estates lawyer can assist you. Contact Attorney Rick Callison about your estate plan.


A Charleston, SC will attorney can help you determine your needs but a last will and testament will always be recommended. A will is your chance to direct where your assets will go. Without it, intestacy laws control. The lengthy probate administration process can be more straightforward with a last will and testament in place. Wills can interact with trusts. What is the right will for you depends on your finances, goals, family circumstances, and other considerations. Above everything else, it is important that you are advised by an estate planning lawyer to make sure your last will and testament operates how you want it to and is executed with proper formalities.


Another job of the wills and estates attorney is to introduce you to trusts that are available. You can consult with a trust attorney about what structure is a fit. A trust might be for family needs as with a special needs trust, pet trust, or gun trust. Often, trusts are used to soften the burden of probate administration. A living trust, revocable trust, and other variations remove assets from your estate. Trusts are frequently used for tax efficiency as well. If you are interested in talking with a trust lawyer about a living trust, revocable trust, special needs trust, gun trust, pet trust, or something else, please give Attorney Rick Callison a call.


A power of attorney lawyer can help whenever the situation calls for a person to act on another’s behalf. An effective estate plan generally incorporates a general durable power of attorney and a healthcare power of attorney. The general durable power of attorney seeks to get in front of legal issues that arise when somebody becomes incompetent. Without it, conservatorship proceedings may be necessary. A healthcare power of attorney allows you to make certain medical decisions ahead of a time when you can no longer communicate your desires. A living will has similar goals. Other power of attorney types are more reactionary. Estate planning attorneys can review all of your options with you.